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Cutting the food shop – Approved foods


Disclosure this is not a sponsored post I just really like Approved foods.

I have been using approved foods for few years now we tend to do a shop every few months.
It sells a range of products that are close to or past there best before date not their use by date, you can see the difference here.
We tend to buy instant noodles for work lunch and a mixture of cereal bars and snacks. We have a large tub of these for packed lunches, this means I’m not tempted by the vending machine at work.
This time we spent just over £50 for over £100 worth of food.

If your thinking of doing an approved foods shop it is definitely worth thinking about where you are going to put it all, and making sure it’s things you and your family will eat not just stuff your buying because it’s cheap.

You can’t use it for all your shopping but if definitely helps keep the average prices down.

Unfortunately because it’s delivered by courier you cannot pick a delivery day, but you can change the day once it’s set or arrange delivery to a neighbour.

Why not check it out and let me know how you get on.

Weekly goals


This week I want to focus in doing some bits in the flat.

Sort out Tobias’s clothes and put away anything that’s too small, I also want to make a list of anything we’re short of so I can have it in my bag when I’m out and about.  I also need to sort out his old toys and decide what I’m keeping and what I’m e-baying or donating to charity.

Rearrange the crockery cupboards I want to get some of these so I can free up so room and move my blender into a cupboard. I have also started using baskets to organise my cupboards which seems to be really helpful. I got these in several different sizes from Wilkinsons and will definitely be getting some more.

Spend at least 2 hours filing the piles of paper, I’ll probably do this while me and T watch a film. The sooner it’s done the sooner I can get rid of the ugly bookcase, I am fed up of moving piles around.

I also want to make a start sorting out what’s going under the bed – I want to make sure everything is washed again before it goes back away.

There’s lots of other bits but there my main goals, what are you planning this week?

Family life.


After much discussion, Sam has dropped his hours at work. This means a drop in money but is something I think is right for us as a family.

He will be starting another course with the open university in October and needs more time to study especially if he decides to do 2 courses.

I also want to be able to spend more time together as a family while T is little as time seems to go so fast now. Being able to do stuff midweek will hopefully mean we can avoid the weekend crowds.

The change is happening from the 1st of August, and I am really looking forward to it, all I need to do now is pass my driving test so we can take trips out as a family.

Getting on top of life rather than life getting on top of me


I am finally starting to feel like I am getting myself sorted a bit better and managing to slowly get on top of the house work stuff that goes with running a house hold.

I have got back into the habit of cooking a decent sized meal with enough for left overs, which is not only healthier but should see the food budget stop being used up on junk. I also made a tray of stuffed jacket potatoes which are handy as quick lunches and snacks and can be frozen. I am also using the list app on my phone to keep a running shopping list so i know exactly what we need when I am at the shops so that when I go to cook I have everything I need to hand.

There is still a lot of sorting and rearranging to do now we have our new bed with easier to access storage – its one where the mattress lifts him so I need to sort out my clothes and put out of season stuff away. I also need to try stuff on and see if it still fits, I’ve got clothes that i haven’t worn for years and its probably time to say good bye

It no longer feels like an impossible task, I am aiming to spend at least 2 hours each day on non work days getting things sorted rather than trying to do it all day that way we and T can still get out and do something together, It puts us both in a better mood and he sleeps a lot better for it.

Goals for the week


This week I want to focus on household management, over the weekend we had a brief conversation about food preparation and the lack of it that happens.
It makes me realise that there’s lots of household chores that I need to schedule better so tasks for this week are.

Prep some snack food –
had a request for filled jackets. I’m also going to make some snacks for T

Declutter an area rather than attempting a whole room.

Pay bills and change direct debits

What’s your plans for the week?

25 before 25 a review


you can read my original post here and the mid way ish update here


to have a working budget

we have a budget and I am working on tracking my spending to keep on top of things.

To reduce debt

My credit card balance is lower than when I wrote my original post but there’s still a way to go with it.

To start emergency fund

this hasn’t happened despite it being a line in the budget – I would rather just pay more off my debt.

To do at least 4 £10 week’s

there have probably been weeks I’ve only spent £10 but I have not kept track very well


Get rid of at least 30 items

I made it to at least 27 items so I’m going to call that a success

Put up proper curtains

I now have thicker curtains in the living room, which I am,really liking.

Sort bedroom including new headboard

My new bed – with headboard arrives in just under a week 🙂

Re sort kitchen cupboard to make more room for making things

this is an ongoing work in progress

Get planters for balcony to grow veg

this didnt happen then only thing we are growing this year is a tomato plant

Be happy with my space

we are getting there slowly, having a bed with increased storage will definitely help.

Fitness / Diet

Cook more

YES – I have done a lot more proper cooking and preparing meals for the freezer

Use or ditch kitchen gadgets I am using the blender a lot more – hello breakfast smoothies

Try 10 New foods

This didn’t really happen, my appetite is not very good at the moment

Cook 10 New recipes

Don’t think I made it to 10 but I have cooked more different things.

Eat more fruit and veg

I’m doing really well with this as T eats more food with us now I’m making an effort to make sure it’s healthy

Have at least 8 date nights

We haven’t done any date nights but we did get away for the day for my birthday.

Have a weekend away

We looked at going away for my birthday but just went instead for a day in London as I didn’t want to spend the extra money on a hotel.

Do more together

This is something we have struggled with as I now work every other weekend, and we are both trying to revise for exams.


Be more active

I an walking alot more rather than automatically jumping on a bus but Im thinking or going back to the gym.

Write more

Not as much as I want to so this is a work in progress

Learn something new

😦 complete fail

Look into finishing degree

My current course finishes in 2 weeks and I then have 3 more course til I have finished my degree

Look at returning to work and creating a work life balance

I am back to work now but still working or finding a balance.


Take more pictures

this is something I struggle with part of me regrets not taking more but I like watching T with my eyes not through a camera lens

Attend more groups

We haven’t been to many groups but I am making an effort to make sure we get out every day.

I’m happy with what I have achieved but I think I prefer goals with a shorter time frame.