Fridays thoughts



so I know I said I was going to attempt to blog at least twice a week well …. I have actually written several blog posts and then deleted them because i wasnt sure I wanted to put something out there that i couldnt take back.

so its been an interesting week or so

my lodger has moved almost all of his stuff in and is moving in properly this evening and im not sure i like it.  He is lovely and really considerate but some of the questions he asks make me want to scream for example asking to use the kitchen – I was tempted to say no to see what happened

I’ve also come to realise how much where im working is having a very negative effect on the way I view myself, i tend to be quite self depreciative so spending time with certain friends has been really good for my self belief so I have re-written my CV to big up all the amazing voluntary stuff I have done in the past.  so its now just a case of getting it out ther.

I have also realised how much i need to get back to the gym not exercising is making my angry and snappy, however due to cash flow issues I havent paid this months direct debit 😦 I know i can exercise for free and even attempted to go for a run however my shoes/feet are screwed so i got blisters in places i have never had blisters before.

Catch you soon:)


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