the one where – i get nowhere


This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while particularly as over the last 2 months I’ve watched not only the contents of my account vanish we’re pretty close to the bottow of the overdraft. Now this is partly due to delays in getting my spare room rented out but its also the start of a new relationship that period of time when your always out

Me and my x wernt like that particularly towards the end and I knew where money was going, we had money allocated for different things as a long as the average was under it was fine. The guy I’m with now doesn’t have the same financial commitments I do so he’s never had to really budget in the same way.

Its not just him I’m starting to go out more with other friends which I want to do but where my incomings are all over the place I can’t afford to do.

I know once I find a full time job, I’ll be ok but I’m concerned finding a full time job will add an extra year onto my degree which I didn’t want to do but where I’m not doing very well atm I wonder if its even worth carrying on

Normally when I write things down I find clarity but today I’m as confused as I was when I started writing


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