new starts getting out of this hole


Hey there
Just wanted to pop by and say hi and catch you up on a few things

First I have a frugal or should that be anti frugal confession to get off my chest I did something you should never ever do I used my credit card to buy groceries, however I am glad I did because it means I have proper food to take to word and that means I’m not tempted to live on chocolate and crisps. I did the shop online so I could avoid pretty displays and things and I have to say it was a pain free experience

On a more positive note I found a new job. Itd not going to replace my current job purely because its comission only and I’ve been told there’s only 6-9 months to make money from it however the on target earnings are double what my job pays me so I can use that to finally pay off my cards

Things with my lodger are going really well it was weird at first after being on my own for a while but I’m definitely glad he’s there now

That’s all for know I’ll probably tweet / post about my first day of door knocking later


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