The one where i lose the plot



anyone who knows anything about me will probably no that  My finances are stupidly tight and I don’t really like my job.

So on Wednesday I handed in my notice at my current job, now this would normally be something everyone would support me in provided I had another job to go to which I do the problem is this job doesn’t come with a guaranteed  salary. it’s all based on how well I do


I have been in my current role for nearly 4 years now for a call centre this is a really long time particularly in sales and I know im never going to progress within the company. lots of company politics have made me more and more unhappy about being there.

although the new role doesn’t have a set salary there is the opportunity to earn a lot more money than I could in my current role

most importantly it’s a chance for progression, the company is very progressive so there’s a high chance of being promoted at least once before christmas


The hours I now leave for work at 7:30am and get home at 3 pm 4 days a week with this new role I will be leaving at around 10am and getting home at midnight around 5 days a week. it’s not just the length of time its making sure i get enough to eat ( I want to avoid having to grab sandwiches or relying on chocolate to keep me going – more blog post on this to come)

achieving – I think this is an attitude other people seem to believe in me ( apart from my mum) and if I don’t start to believe in myself im not going to be able to achieve


That I do well and make a decent amount of money

that the long hours don’t make me ill

being able to find time for other people mainly my boyfriend


I’m sure it will all be fine I just wish I could see into the future some times








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