after last time


The next few posts are aimed at bringing you up to speed on the crazy week or 2 I’ve had I don’t want to write one stupidly long post as that will confuse the both of us

So after my last post I handed in my notice and my last day at work was going to be friday the 2nd of september. I was terrified and other people were adding to this by saying they thought I was making a mistake. At first I ignored them ( I’m known for being rather stubborn ) then I sat down and worked out when I would be paid and realised I needed to make at least £600 on my first week to be able to pay my rent I didn’t think that was achievable.
But I also didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity so I had a chat with one of the team leaders and then with HR and they agree to let me change my hours around so I am now working 3 days at my old job and 3 days at new job

This is not idea at all as I slows down the training at my new job be right now I don’t have any financial cushion to support myself with at all if things go wrong.


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