getting there slowly


Well I have now combined my new hours at both jobs for a week and I’ve realised a few things

    I rely far too much on sugar to keep me awake at my new job where were eating on the move

    Relying on public transport makes things take longer at the end of the day I have to go back to the office and wrap up before I can go home sometimes I’ve had to wait 40 mins for a train to the office and the same for a train home that’s nearly an hour and a half just waiting – there’s a guy I work with who lives near me and is gonna start driving in soon so that should help but long term I could definitely do with learning to drive

    That I’m going to be seeing my friends and family a lot less than I do its hard to make plans when you get home so late and sundays my only full day off and sometimes I don’t want to do anything but then I feel I’m wasting the day

I’m glad I kept my old job I do plan on making the transition completely but I want to do it when I’m ready not because someone’s telling me too

That’s all for now


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