being more orgainised – food wise


I’ve been struggling to get into a food routine particularly since I’ve been single. this was something I wanted to sort before I feel back into the habit of living on junk

so  I did a big online food shop thankyou asda for free delivery, however unlike my recent shops I actually thought about what I would want to eat, the only thing I didn’t get much of was veg because I’m gonna try to make a trip to the market this week its on my day off so I really have no excuse

and then I did something I’ve not done for ages I batch cooked specifically to go in the freezer I decided to do this because I’ve find if I make a meal big enough to have left overs I just tend to eat bigger portions where if I cook when I am not hungry I tend to portion things properly

so I  now have 7 individual meal portions in the freezer – not all the same meal you’ll be glad to know

I also know I have enough meat in my freezer to make another 12 meals so hopefully apart from veg I wont need to do much food shopping until payday that and I wont stress about what I’m  eating



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