is it petty to leave a cup and other house sharing questions


so I’ve been living with my flat mate for a few months and on the whole it’s all great, he’s not too loud he doesn’t have people over all the time and ive met some new friends 🙂

it’s just the fact he seems to take for ever to wash up  he has finished uni and isn’t actually working so it’s not like he’s busy,it has been brought to his attention and for all of one day it seemed to be ok, but I came in today and all the lights were on – that might not bother people but I spent 4 years living with someone who used to turn everything off at the wall

so I came in tonight after I finished work and made pancake batter and a mess which I cleaned up, however I left the washing up my house matte had created, its not mine I didn’t eat any of the food that was cooked.

but i just feel that it was really petty of me not to just wash everything up and I don’t know why i feel that way he wouldn’t do it for me and i know if I do his washing up he’s just going to expect it so im trying to be strong and ignore it I just hope its done when I get up in the morning

id also love just once for him to clean the bathroom, im sure he would if I asked but I don’t want to have to ask.

any advice from any of you house sharers out there


One thought on “is it petty to leave a cup and other house sharing questions

  1. I share with 4 boys who used to think that there was some mysterious fairy who took on the washing up. The key is don’t go in for passive aggression. Talk to your flat mate frankly about the washing up and resolve the situation as soon as possible. Otherwise things fester and resentment builds.

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