getting used to a change in work hours


I have recently gone back to just doing my original job 3 full days a week mostly late shifts and I finally seem to be getting into some form of routine after learning a few things

  • if I have to leave for work at 11:30 am and get home around 9pm then there is no need for me to get up at 6 i’ve started sleeping until about 7:45
  • it makes sense to have a bigger lunch at work I find im far too tired too cook when I get in some I am taking cooked food to work with me and having my main meal there this means I am eating a more balanced diet and not relying on sugar to get me through the day

All I need now is an extra day a week so I have some money to enjoy my time off. I’ve been told if my performance gets better I can have the hours. However no ones actually told me how much better I need to get


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