Welcome to 2012


well its a few days into 2012 and i want this year to be the year I finally get myself sorted which starts with goals so i 2012 I want to

see my debt go down, at the moment I’m not earning enough to commit to paying this off but I want to end 2012 in less debt
start being more organised, particularly with paper work I often leave my post un-opened for weeks this is a lazy habit that I need to break

to get in touch with my creative side, I used to make an effort to support the local theatres in my city. this hasn’t happened much recently so in 2012 I will see at least 3 shows and make an effort to create something myself
to be more involved in the blogging and twitter world, I have tended to be an observer and I want that to change in 2012 so im going to be making and effort to post and tweet more. I will also be more active in commenting on the blogs I visit

be happier, I have struggled with anxiety and depression issues on and off for several years just before christmas I started CBT and this time I really want it to work and im ready to put the effort in to get results

exercise more since I canceled my gym membership I havent been exercising  much at all, this needs to change so I want to make an effort to get out more and maybe even start running.

eat better recently my diet hasn’t been anything like as healthy as I would like,  it’s not that its been unhealthy it’s just I havent been eating anything like enough food and its leaving me with no energy.

all in all 2012 is about me being more proactive in my well being and hapiness


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