Friendships – do you say something or just walk away


we all have lots of different friendships the people we see all the time and then those we see less often, social media sites particularly facebook have made it easier to stay in touch with people we might not have done in the past, at the moment I have over 300 facebook “friends” a lot of them I don’t speak to very often but its nice to know what’s going on with people.

what happens though when because of someone’s behaviour you no longer feel able to be their friend – the easy answer is that little unfriend button but I’m wondering if that’s enough

the background story

There is a girl I have known since infant school we’ll call her F we don’t spend loads of time together but she used to refer to me as a BF and every time I bumped into her there was promises of meeting up, just before Christmas I saw her on a night out and she mentioned coming round with my Xmas pressies so I invited her to a little gathering I was having she decided not to show as she had “more important stuff to do” (her words not mine)

F and another friend of mine who we will call E were living together for around 2 years before they fell out and E felt she could no longer live there, the way F acted I found disgusting and would have said something about it if I had seen her but I didn’t feel it was my place to get in touch about it. F made very horrible comments about E’s family and her parenting skills.

It was E’s birthday party last week and a picture of me and her got uploaded on to facebook this prompter F to text me in the early hours of the morning being abusive I let her know I wasn’t ready to talk to her then as she had probably been drinking

options moving forward

I can take the easy route and do nothing I don’t see her that often anyway

I can remove her from my facebook however I’m not sure she’ll even notice

or I can contact her and let her know I’m not happy about her actions

what would you do ?


2 thoughts on “Friendships – do you say something or just walk away

  1. What I would do: remove her from Facebook, send her a brief text saying you didn’t appreciate her abusive text message or the fact she told she she had something ‘more important’ to do when you’d invited her to your get together, delete her number from your mobile, and forget about her.

    Reading between the lines of your post, it doesn’t sound as though you want anything to do with her any more, and that would probably be the easiest and least stressful way of dealing with it, whilst still letting her know how you feel. If you feel braver, you could call her rather than text, but that might lead to further recriminations and harsh words, which a text would avoid.

    Just my two penn’orth!

    • to be honest I think that’s a good idea no where near brave enough for a face to face so its probably going to be a text or a private facebook message. I avoided doing so this week as it was her birthday and it felt mean somehow but its on today’s to do list so I will keep you posted with what happens. sorry again about the original reply to this think I’m going to stick to using the laptop rather than my phone for blogging

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