Sunday Summary


so the last week seems to have flown by but I am definitely feeling a lot more organised.

Today didn’t start off as well as I had hoped thanks to my revised gas bill not being much better than the first one – my monthly direct debit has double so sad times for me, going to give them a call and see what can be done

the rents came and took me out for breakfast which was lovely and then went to tesco which was quiet thank god as I hate crowds after picking up a few bits I came home and had a cooking day

there’s shepherds pie made and in the freezer in portions,  I made a big batch of spaghetti Bolognese thats cooling before I freeze it.

I also used up the left over egg whites I had to make meringues that are currently in the oven – so looking forward to having some its been so long since I made any form of desert.

Think I’m going to have an afternoon nap before meeting the boy and heading to the pub quiz

hope everyone’s enjoyed the weekend


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