almost the weekend


so its Friday – looking forward to the weekend got a few nice things planned

this week seems to have flown by

I worked on Monday, then on Tuesday I  went and had a doctors appointment and saw my therapist, both went really well – the doctors starting my medication on a really low dose so I’m less worried about fainting. then the plan was to go for a walk, but as we were walking down the high street I checked my voucher cloud which is a phone app that searches for offers near you they also do printable vouchers take a look and noticed the salon I’d just walked past had a half price offer – so hello again fringe and slightly shorter hair

on Wednesday I met the lovely Sue from southsea greenhouse at a fair trade tea party. i am hoping to do some volunteering with the greenhouse and after meeting sue its definitely something I’m going to follow up. I then went home and sorted a very large pile of paper work so everything now has a place to live and I’m going to stop letting it all build up. I also brought some fabric to make some cushion covers at some point in the near future so look out for my first how to post

I am hoping today is as productive as the weeks been, its my one to one at work and I’ve taken the step of getting a doctors note regarding workplace adaptations, I don’t want to be taking medication for my heart and then working in a role which is stressing me out to the point of tears on a daily basis.

EDIT : I also need to thank the lovely dani for her company and being my wine drinking buddy last night 🙂

hope you’ve had a good week and have some nice things planned for the weekend


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