Sunday summary


So it’s officially spring time which apart from losing an hours sleep is lovely looking forward to bbqs and walks on the beach
This week’s been up and down, but on the whole it’s been good
Work now have my occupational health report so I might get somewhere with changing department. However I’m not getting my hopes up until I’ve actually moved
I’ve done lots more cooking this week which is something I’ve missed doing. A trip to the shops and the market mean I’m all stocked up to carry on this habit because it’s something I really enjoy particularly cooking for friends.
I helped out at a youth conference as well this week which has led to some networking opportunities. I just need to make sure I follow up on them and start working on finding a job I can turn into a career.  spending time with the young people also made me realise there’s always another perspective to consider.

I had the weekend off work, yesterday was spent enjoying the list hour events that were going on because of the clocks changing


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