Monday motivation


So its the first week of spring time, the longer days and the sun shine seem to always make stuff seem so much brighter.

so what’s the plan for this week ?

Finish making the other cushion covers and upload my first DIY post- I would have done this sooner but I was so eager to start sewing I didn’t take pictures of the different stages

sort out the balcony – I want to give the furniture a good clean and get my strawberries and tomatoes planted. this is my first attempt at growing strawberries so wish me luck,

I also want to hire the carpet cleaner at some point in the next few weeks so I am going to put aside some time this week to sort out where all my stuff is going to go whilst they are being cleaned

Register for my next open university course. I get my. P60 this week so will have all I need to apply for financial support. I only have 3 courses left until my degree is finished and if I work really hard it’s still possible to get a first

I also want to try and continue blogging regularly


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