Interfering mothers – can’t like with them but wouldn’t be without them


Me and my mum have always had a turbulent relationship. Moving out at 17 was one of the best things I did emotionally if not financially.
For ages it’s been really good but recently it’s been a bit of a nightmare, she’s being really picky and judgemental about everything from how often I wash up to what I’m eating. It’s like im never going to be good enough for her and it’s  left me feeling really anxious and like im not capable.

Part of me knows we should have sometime apart but where I have regular appointments at the doctors I’ve been staying there almost everyweek. It really hurts that others seem to have great relationships with their parents but at the moment 5 minutes with mine makes me want to cry.

But deep down I know it’s because she cares, and she’s making more of an effort. Part of it is that a lot of the stuff that hurts is because it’s things where I know shes right or its things im feeling sensitive about.

Think I just need to find my big girl pants and pull it together


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