Sunday summary


So it’s the end of whats felt like a really busy week I managed too

Plant my strawberry plant the balcony is not yet all cleaned up but it’s looking a lot better. I didn’t plant any tomatoes because I couldn’t find my tomato seeds

I finished another cushion cover at work where we were really quiet, having nice new covers on the horrible tatty cushions is making the sofa look so much nicer DIY post coming next week I promise

I registered for my next Open University course and joined the Facebook group for new starters and the old one. I’m hoping someone will be nice enough to send me the book PDF so I can get started on the reading. Im really looking forward to studying again feel free to remind me I said that when I’m moaning about essay deadlines

I haven’t managed to clear any of the stuff in the lounge but I did treat the hallwaycarpet with some vanish power foam so it’s looking alot better

I’ve also been enjoying the sunshine it’s been nice to wear skirts and summery clothes not happy it’s apparently going to be getting colder again for a few days

Hope you have all had a nice weekend


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