Friday Fitness – lets talk goals


I know this is the Easter weekend a time better known for chocolate binges than for starting new exercise goals but I am going to power through and set some goals

  • Attend at least on exercise class – I definitely prefer classes to working out by myself, when I walk into a class I know i am there to work my butt off for an hour. also because classes are at set times I can schedule them in to my diary
  • Make an appointment for an induction at the local pay as you go gym – I cant afford a regular monthly gym membership and the moment and its not worth paying what I was paying before just to do the odd class and use the sauna
  • start tracking my food a bit more – I am going to aim for at least one What I ate today type post a week

so that’s 3 fairly attainable goals, part of me wants to set loads but I know that I need to build stuff up slowly so I start new sustainable habits.


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