Pregnancy – before


This is the first post in a series to bring you up to date with the pregnancy

I have wanted to be a mum as long as I remember. It was something that used to come up fairly early in my relationships and I really though me and my ex would have children ( we were together 4 years)

Me and my current boyfriend started dating in October 2011. Having known each other for years. It’s not always been the most conventional of relationships but it works for us,

In May we had the conversation about children and he was very much i’ll support you if its what you want to do, at that point part of me wondered if he was doing what I wanted to keep me happy. On the other hand I really wanted to be a mum and children seemed to keep coming up when we were at hospital appointments.

So around June I stopped taking my pill. We weren’t crazy about trying deciding to just see how it went. Because I was on medication that is not baby friendly (ramipril for those of you that are interested) I had planned on taking regular pregnancy tests.

I told a few people we were trying but didnt want to share with the world. I was particularly worried about talking to my mum as we have a fairly turbulent relationship.


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