The first trimester – a huge shock to the system


Finding out I was pregnant made me panic, i know it was something I had planned and wanted for a long time but I hadn’t expected it to all happen so fast. I have friends who have struggled with TTC so I was expecting it to take a little while.

Sam was really supportive even when I doubted what I was doing, so we told the relevant people it took me 2 trips to the doctors before I was told I didn’t need to see a nurse or a doctor I just needed to fill in a notification form, I also found it odd they didn’t make me do another test – in fact I only ever did the one and it’s still in my bag.

I got really bad morning sickness, and by morning i mean all day long. I lost around a stone in weight in the first weeks of my pregnancy. My doctor was really good she kept a close eye on things but really I just had to ride it out. feeling that bad is not something I would wish on anyone particularly as it happens at a time when you’re not really supposed to tell anyone.

One thing I wish id known sooner is that eating made me feel better.

My mum was very worried about me when I was ill which caused her to say some things I found really hard to deal with – even suggesting that if I wanted a baby I wouldn’t be being sick. she seems to be more on board now tho i sometimes get the impression she thinks im going to struggle to cope.

I also found that I got very tired and emotional during the first trimester there was a lot of sleeping.

but seeing my tiny person on the screen when I went to have my scan made me completely forget how awful I had felt, I ended up having a 9 week scan (my dates were messed up ) and a 12 week scan and both were great.

stay tuned to hear about the 2nd trimester.



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