baby on a budget


Money was one the things I panicked about when I found out I was pregnant you hear and read all this stuff about how expensive having a baby is, a quick google search suggests it can cost between 1000 and 10000 pounds just for the first year.

I had started reducing my debts but the fact remains they are still there and I would rather not be getting into a lot more debt.

I’ve always been a bargain hunter but pregnancy has meant I have jumped on the e-bay train

so far I have brought

  • A silver cross travel system with car seat    £66
  • A moses basket with stand and baby bath £4.99
  • A travel cot £6.60
  • A bouncy chair £1

I have also picked up several bargains at pre loved markets such as little pickles, including a very nice brown leather changing bag.

Though I can easily see how people spend lots of money. I have started being tempted by cute outfits and little bits so trying to avoid the its only a few pound mentality

Theres a big incentive for saving money it means my debts won’t get bigger and hopefully I can afford to take the unpaid part of my maternity leave

Any tips or advice gratefully received


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