Thinking about labour – confused


I’ve reached that point where time seems to be running away from me. im really not sure how it’s nearly the middle of february already but it also feels like i have been pregnant forever I cant wait to become a mum. I am starting to get nervous about the whole labour thing now

Because I have a medical condition they want me to give birth at a hospital a bit further away nearly 30 miles rather than less than 5. This is made more complicated by the fact neither me or Sam drive. My Mum is panicking we’ll go down to early and be sent home now I dont know if its me  being naive but in my mind I will either find something to do closer to the hospital the snacking ever hungry part of me has visions of late night Macdonald’s or I have friends who live closer to that hospital who i could visit. To be honest I seem to be the calm one and frankly i’d rather not hear about other people’s concerns.

They are also advising me to have an early epidural to reduce any strain on my heart and plan on limiting my second stage of labour (the pushing bit) im actually more worried about the epidural than going into labour I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to needles. But i know anything they are advising is being done in my best interests to allow me to hopefully avoid a c-section

Did anyone else find that being pregnant means that everyone else feels they are entitled to have an opinion on what you plan on doing and whats best, i know people mean well but im finding it a little bit over whelming

I have an appointment next week for a growth scan as theres a tiny chance my medications can cause a lower birth weight  Then we are sitting down with the consultants to write my birthplan. Before I go I plan on writing down what I want to know/ happen and talking about it with sam so i can leave the hospital feeling more informed and focused im hoping seeing my little boy on the scan will help with that too



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