Making sacrifices / paying for previous mistakes


Lots of people who know me in real life have asked me when my lodger will be moving out, they are often surprised when they realise it’s not going to be before I give birth or even soon after she’s going to be staying for several months.
In an ideal world I would love for it to be me Sam and the baby in our little home and she would also quite like her own space. However due to getting pregnant faster than I thought I still have some debt I’d like to reduce/clear asap it’s not lots but I feel its hanging over me.
So for the time being I am putting up with reduced space. Baby will be in his Moses basket in our room to start with and then moving to a cot in the hallway my hall is alot bigger than most I’ll do a post on it soon.

Has anyone else lived in strange situations to save money? It’s made me learn that I can just put an expense on credit but at some point I will have to pay for it and it always seems to end up costing me more


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