Monday motivation


Hi everyone hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. This week is my last week of full hours at work before I start reducing them in the run up to going on maternity leave. Theres a few things I want to get done this week. sorting my hospital bag I need to get my bag packed and sorted, I plan on going to a post natal centre for some extra feeding support so I need to pack stuff for a few days whilst not over packing. If anyone thinks that’s some absolute essentials that need to be taken let me know nesting This is sams last week off before he starts his new job. So Im gonna take advantage of him being around to get some bits and pieces done such as: Putting up my new shoe rack to give us some more wardrobe space Sorting out the boxes at the top of my wardrobe – I want to put away some of the clothes that I won’t be wearing for a little while to give us a bit more room. And just generally decluttering week planning I want to start planning what I want to do during my shorter hours in some order of importance. Theres a few people I want to see and some meal planning to start What’s everyone else got planned for the week?


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