Making food enjoyable again


I’ve never been great with the whole eating thing. Dont get me wrong I love food, especially cooking for others but when its just me and I’m not at work I often fond myself skipping meals, and grabbing sugary snacks to keep me going. It needs to stop if I can plan my meals on a work day I can do it when I’m at home this is something I’ve said about several times but I am determined to raise a child with a healthy attitude to food and that needs to start with me having a healthy attitude so I’ll be trying a few things

I am going to try keeping a food diary to track my eating habits so expect a few more what I ate today type posts. Dont worry this isn’t becoming a diet post I just need to make myself feel a little more accountable for my choices

I also want to get back into the smoothie habit. My blender and juicer are seeing very little use at the moment I’d like this to change. So if anyone’s got any go to recipes please do share.

Are there particular times you struggle with a whole food thing? Any tips for getting out of that rutt?


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