4 Weeks left


I am now a very scary 36weeks and 3 days pregnant, we are now talking about bump being here in a matter of weeks rather that months.  The time has flown by, particularly since getting past christmas. lots of people have asked if im panicking and at the moment i am rather calm about everything

We have brought everything we need in terms of baby clothes, Moses basket, car seat pram ect. I posted about doing this on a budget here. I also used this helpful post by savy Annie to sign up to lots of online baby groups as you can never have too many free samples or vouchers in my opinion.

Theres still a few bits and pieces that I need to get on with,

  • packing my hospital bag
  • putting away the clothes I wont be wearing for a while – size 8 jeans I am looking at you
  • meal planning / doing some freezer cooking for the weeks after giving birth
  • e-baying/ freecyling the spare fridge and Hoover that is taking up room and not needed

Sam starts a new job tomorrow so is rather nervous, it’s the first time he has worked in an office and im not sure how he will deal with the bitchy office politics that often occur particularly in call centres. I think we’re both looking forward to him having set hours and a regular higher wage however because he has only just started he wont be entitled to any paid paternity leave and my due day is the very last day of his training so he is hoping bump makes a slightly late appearance however we both know that’s not something we have any control over

This week is also the start of my reduced hours before I finish work to start maternity leave im working right up until 39 weeks as I want as much time off with the baby as possible afterwards and think i would go crazy sitting at home.

Hope you’ve all had a good week-end

talk soon




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