2 week’s to go baby prep


So I have less than  2 weeks left before the bump is due to make an appearance. I literally cannot believe how fast the time is going the last week has flown past.
I have brought a few bits for my baby bag – stuff to wear in hospital hello mens shirts. And I’ve actually packed it into a bag I’m trying to avoid taking more than I need but don’t want to end up buying stuff at the hospital because it works out more expensive, I will probably leave spare stuff in the car.
I have also been slowly decluttering I’m finding I no longer want to keep stuff just in case for example I had a box of dressing up accessories that was from poundland if I need that stuff I can get more but it’s not needed at the moment and I need the space more. Sams rather amused watching me bin stuff he suggested chucking ages ago. I have never been a naturally organised person but I feel so much better when the place is tidy and relatively clean so I am determined to make more off an effort, I am hoping that the nesting instinct will kick in soon.

I sat down and went though the freezer, and did a meal plan and shopping list. The plan being to make some room in the freezer to prepare some meals so that whilst I am in the hospital sam wont stave and I wont have to cook when I am home for a little while, we have decided to keep the spare fridge-freezer whilst my flatmate is still here as well – she offered to pay a bit extra towards bills and will be taking it with her when she goes.

this week is my last week at work and im looking forward to starting maternity leave, but I am also starting to panic about everything.


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