Making a effort


For the last week or so I’ve felt a bit unmotivated to do anything. Me and T haven’t done much and by the time Sam gets home I’m a grump.
So today I made a big effort to change a few things today

Food and drink
My eating and drinking had got really bad. I often struggle with remembering to eat and don’t drink anything like enough. So today I made sure to eat breakfast and dinner lunch didn’t happen but I had several snacks. I also have already drank 2 litres of very weak squash ( I’m not a water fan)

Fresh air
I often don’t find the motivation to get out the door. Staying in makes us both grumpy, so today I was up and out the door by half 9 to get to rhyme time at 10. We took a nice walk down, went to rhyme time and then wandered down to spoons for breakfast. It put me in a really good mood for the rest of the day. I an going to try to get out everyday even if it’s just walking to town and back. I could do with the exercise and I’m sure it will help my mood

being social
I struggle with being very shy – I have even had cbt to try and help that taught me I need to avoid over thinking and make an effort. So yesterday when someone on an online mummies group posted about wanting to meet some other mummies I responded. I didn’t get ignored or rejected like I fear but on Monday I will be joining around 4 other mummies with similar age children for lunch and I’m really looking forward to it.

You don’t always need to do some thing drastic making small changes can have a big effect like ripples on a pond.


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