Home sweet home


I have lived in the same place for over 5 years now I moved here whilst I was with my ex. It’s never been quite how I want it to be especially in recent years as I had lodgers to help with the rent. This month tho my lodger is moving out and I will finally get alot more control over all of my space. So I have been thinking about things I want to improve and change.

Clean the carpets I have a vax carpet washer so once the spare room is empty I am going to get Sam to move furniture into there so I can clean one room at a time. When I’ve used the cleaner before I haven’t noticed a massive difference so I plan on doing each area several times

Get a new headboard the one I have is really old and doesn’t match the room. I also need to get another bedside table or shelf for the other side of the bed

Look at getting a TV yes that’s right I don’t own a TV it’s not been an issue but now I’m at home on maternity I think I might need one. Oh and for those of you wondering my furniture points at a large coffee table.

Get a quote for having the dinning table sanded it’s a large – 6-8 seater dark wood table that’s seen better days. I would also like the recover the chair pads at some point to match the room

Create a study area – I plan on using my hall/entryway as this is a large space at the moment it has my cot bed in it full of T’s clothes. I have been keeping my eye out for a cheap second hand desk. Sam starts his next ou course in September so I would like a dedicated study area. I’m hoping this will also give us somewhere to store paperwork.

I also want to decorate the spare room as it will become T’s room, I’m thinking Wall stickers and things.

I think I’m going to be doing alot of looking at pinterest and wish I had more money, space and or creative talent so feel free to follow me I’m MissCarlaR on there just like on Twitter

Look out for some before and after posts on a few weeks.


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