Our first trip away


We went on our first trip away as a family at the weekend. It was nice to get away though it would be nice to go for longer. We went to Brighton which is just over an hour on the train, because there’s lots of things I want to buy we did the trip on a fairly small budget so we stayed in the ibis which cost £55 it was basic but did what we needed it to.
I’ve  been to Brighton lots of times however I hadn’t noticed how un pram friendly it is alot of the shops have one or two steps to get in, I wish I had taken the sling as well

We had dinner in a Vietnamese noodle type place, which was a new experience we both had noodle soup and they bring out a little tray with extra herbs so you can change the flavours. I added alot of mint and Sam spiced his up. I was worried I’d still be hungry after but I was nicely satisfied with just enough room to share a desert with Sam.

I’m glad everything went as well as it did lots of people told me you can’t do weekends away with a baby but as much as I would like to do an adult only weekend in the future I don’t plan on letting being a parent stop me doing things.


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