25 before 25


Been thinking about changing some things for a while and I’ve seen a few people do 30 before 30 goal lists so here’s my 25 before 25 list of things I want to achieve before my 25th birthday in May

to have a working budget
To reduce debt
To start emergency fund
To do at least 4 £10 week’s

Get rid of at least 30 items
Put up proper curtains
Sort bedroom including new headboard
Re sort kitchen cupboard to make more room for making things
Get planters for balcony to grow veg
Be happy with my space

Fitness / Diet
Cook more
Use or ditch kitchen gadgets
Try 10 New foods
Cook 10 New recipes
Eat more fruit and veg

Have at least 8 date nights
Have a weekend away
Do more together

Be more active
Write more
Learn something new
Look into finishing degree
Look at returning to work and creating a work life balance

Take more pictures
Attend more groups


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