should you share the planning ~ Weddings


I am at that age where lots of my friends are getting engaged, and starting to plan weddings. I was honoured when a close friend asked me to be involved in the planning of her wedding, however i wonder if its possible to share too much particularly with sites like pinterest, sometimes you know everything thats going to be happening on the day before you even pick your outfit and I’m not sure its a good thing. I miss the element of surprise and wondering what the brides dress is going to look like, what the couple will pick for their first dance.

It kind of puts me off thinking about planning my own wedding, because i worry others are going to want to have their own opinions as they asked for mine in their planning and I dont want to become that person who does nothing but talk about their wedding

i think i am starting to become to weddings what scroge is to christmas. Anyone else ever feel like this ?


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