Are you naturally tidy?


Because I’m really not, and it’s starting to get annoying

I hate the mess and clutter I seem to be living in but I’m never sure how to not only deal with it but maintain a tidy house. I keep promising myself I’ll do better but it never seems to happen. I’m not entirely sure what it is I find so difficult Tobias takes a decent length nap and sleeps through so it’s not a lack of time or energy.

It’s something I need to get a grip of while I’m off work because if I can’t do it now I’m going to really struggle when I go back to work next year. It’s also effecting my life because I don’t like having people over and when my mum is here it stresses her our too and we argue about it.

So my mum took Tobias last night so I could make a start on tidying and have an early night to carry on today. My plan is to spend several hours tidying then try and look at a routine for doing a bit each day and working out which tasks I want Sam to do and how often.

Hopefully then we can avoid a mad panic if anyone is coming over

Let me know if you have any tips for staying on top of the mess.


One thought on “Are you naturally tidy?

  1. Neil James

    Hi just found your blog while googling about cleaning! My advice is to do a little cleaning but often. Helps to keep the mess at bay 🙂

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