Trying Again – back to learning


way back in 2007 I started work in a call centre and quickly realised i needed to do something to keep my mind active  so I signed up for my very first open university course, a course in person finance as at the time I was thinking about doing a PPE degree.  I did a few more courses, and slowly changed my planned degree, however things went a bit wrong first I failed a course then I didn’t complete 2 more courses. one because it was during a very stressful time and the other because I was suffering from severe morning sickness. 

Now I am starting to settle into something that could almost be called a routine with T I started thinking about continuing with my degree so I had a look at the Open Uni website at the courses for my degree, because I started before fee increases as long as I stick with the same degree its not as expensive. I realised that I only have until 2017 to complete my degree and I have 3 compulsory and 1 free choice module to do. I called and managed to enrol to restart a course I had attempted previously whilst pregnant.

I am planning on going back to work part time and I have spoken to my mum about her having T one day a week so I can spend the day the library studying, we are going to start this before I go back to work so it becomes part of my routine, I haven’t yet decided if I will pick up another course in January and overlap them, I think I will see how my first assignment goes. I am feeling a lot more positive about this than I have felt about studying for ages, I am determined to be a lot more organised. I have spent this evening adding my deadlines to my calendar I also did the same for Sam’s uni deadlines too so I can see when what we both have going on.

wish me luck



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