taking care of myself – diet


I mentioned in my 25 before 25 post that I wanted to try more new foods and increase the fruit and veg i was eating. However today made me realise I have bigger food issues, I am simply not eating enough today is a very good example it is now 5:30 pm and today’s food has been as follows 

  • a Muller rice yoghurt
  • a small bowl of home made soup
  • a tin of spaghetti hoops and sausages with 2 slices of toast

I have no idea how many calories that is but what I do know is its not enough

I seem to be developing very bad food habits, and I am not liking the effects its having.

  • I have no energy – even if I get 12 hours sleep its not enough the other day I went to bed at 6pm this means i am not really seeing Sam
  • my nails keep breaking and my skin looks incredibly dull
  • my milk output has dropped dramatically
  • because I am not cooking as much I am not creating leftovers for lunch which means I am not eating lunch and I am not entirely sure what Sam does for lunch. 

I keep promising myself I am going to do better and then not getting anywhere with it so I hope sharing this makes me feel a bit more accountable

I am going to

  • start meal planing
  • do some snack prep – if there is go to easy food in the fridge I am more likely to eat it
  • start using a calorie counter to ensure I am getting enough calories and also track that I am eating the right types of food
  • start taking a multi-vitamin regularly and give it a decent amount of time to work

I’m not expecting overnight results but something needs to change


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