Taking time out to have fun


I often put off doing things for, mainly because I think of other ways that money could be spent.
So when a friend invited me to spend the day in London I hesitated about spending money and that it would mean Tobias spending 2 nights away
however as I’m making an effort to do more I decided to say yes and I’m really glad I did
We had a nice relaxing mooch around doing a little bit of shopping, I was introduced to bubble tea which is a lot nicer than I was expected, I had iced ginger tea with lychee jelly .
Then we headed to the Royal Albert Hall for a lovely evening of Danny Elfman’s music from the Tim Burton films. It reminded me how much I love watching a live performance, and the way time seems to rush by and slow down at the same time. Not sure what I enjoyed more watching the orchestra or my friends face, she nearly burst with excitement.
I make sure Sam has regular time to himself I need to make sure I do the same for myself especially while before I’m back at work

How do you make time for yourself?


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