Sunday Summary


Its been an interesting week Sam had the week off work this week, and we’ve had a fairly lazy week but we have managed to get a few things done

We put together the furniture from IKEA so I now have more space for my “stuff” and Sam has got a decent sized chest of drawers to put his clothes in, there’s still a few boxes that need homes but we’re getting there

We also put the desk up in the hallway so we have a study space we just need to move the printer and I’m keeping my eye out for a better chair. Hoping sitting at a desk will put me back into study mode.

I had planned to take Sam to a burlesque carberet night in London, unfortunately when I called to book they were full, however we were invited up to London to do some filming for a website so we had a nice child free day. I introduced Sam to bubble tea and we went to a very fun Asian restaurant with interactive tables.

We also booked T’s naming ceremony which I’m rather looking forward to just need to sort out a venue for drinks after
I also finally met some more of Sam’s family we had lunch with some of his dad’s side of the family.

All in all its been a good week sometimes it’s good to take some time out and not have loads planned.


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