#BEDN – stress awareness


Getting back on track with blog every day November, missed a few days due to a bug that’s been going around locally. Luckily Sam was off work so able to take care of me, unfortunately he’s now ill.

Todays post prompt is stress awareness. Stress is something that I struggle with,  it’s taken me along time to realise that I have control over how I feel and react to things most of the time.  This is especially true at the moment while I’m on maternity leave and don’t have to deal with office  politics.

The thing I tend to stress about most is people’s opinions of me, if someone does or says something that makes me unhappy, I  automatically worry that I’ve done something wrong and spend ages over analysing things. Which is silly and drives Sam mad.

I also stress when in a messy environment, which is all the time as I’m awful at keeping things tidy but I am working on that as I feel so much better when things are orderly and uncluttered.

Stress isn’t always a bad thing, it’s about creating a balance.

What stresses you out?


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