#BEDN 10 things I’ve learnt in the last year

  1. There are lots of things people don’t tell you about pregnancy, often to avoid scaring you.
  2. Being a parent has made me way more emotional than I used to be
  3. If you wait for someone else to do something your likely to be waiting a long time
  4. you can’t change people – and if they don’t want to make an effort that is their choice
  5. parenthood can often feel like a massive competition, with people bragging about early weaning etc – I’m just trying to enjoy it
  6. I need an element of structure to my day, a lot of the groups me and T go to are not on during the school holidays and it makes me feel out of sorts
  7. I can ignore any other child crying but I cannot ignore my own
  8. breastfeeding is nothing like I thought it would be – you can read more about this here and here
  9. having a baby doesn’t need to cost the earth. I wrote about where we saved money
  10. pregnancy can make you a little crazy, at times I didn’t think my relationship would survive but I am glad it did

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