#BEDN Favourite Folk


There’s a few people who make my world a little brighter

Top of the list has to be my son, I’m loving watching him grow and develop his own personality.

Then there’s Sam, we have our ups ans downs but he supports me and is able to make me see the simple solution rather than over complicating things like I tend to. Watching him play with t makes me actually melt – good dad’s = highly attractive in my book

Staying with family, I haven’t always been close to mine and I’m glad we have a better relationship now. I think your relationship with your parents changes alot when you have kids. They’re a great help and I’m glad they are around 

I’m also lucky to have several good friends.

I met Dani when I was at college and we’ve seen each other through some really tough times, but we have laughed alot too. She’s the person I can say anything to. In just under a month she’ll be getting married and I can’t wait to share her special day with her.

Ema was a friend of a friend, we had seen each out a few times but because I’m very shy around new people she thought I didn’t like her, I’m glad we got that sorts as she’s now a big part of my life, and was a great support during my pregnancy and after when she would come round and force me out the door so I didn’t get too low.

Who’s special to you ?


One thought on “#BEDN Favourite Folk

  1. Danielle

    You’re special to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend 🙂
    I love you and your family loads xxx
    Never change. Stay the same amazing person you are xxx

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