#BEDN Anti-bullying week


This week its anti-bullying week, Is anyone else fed up of charity weeks and months? I understand that awareness needs to be raised for things but sometimes its all a little bit too much.

I think bullying is something everyone experiences at some point or another, especially during school and I personally found that girls can be a lot nastier than boys. What I didn’t realise is that bullying doesn’t automatically stop when you become an adult, however as an adult you no longer have the option of “telling”

A friend of mine recently started a new job,  it wasn’t like her previous job where she had started with other people, she was the new girl. Unfortunately for her she didn’t quite fit and some of the other girls decided she wasn’t welcome  and complained about petty things she was doing. rather than saying that they needed to sort their differences the manager decided to let her go.  The girls didn’t even know her name.

I think we all need to remember that our actions have the potential to hurt people





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