#BEDN – Newsflash


the idea of today’s BEDN is to write about something that’s going on in the news, I no longer read news papers as I find they portray a skewed often negative version of events, I was going to either write about something else or not post today.

Then I saw someone had tweeted about some very good personal news they had received, and it made me incredibly happy for them. The person I am talking about is Ricky known to most people as the blogger behind skint dad.  He has just been announced as the winner of the savoo competition to find the UK’s smartest shopper, and part of me thought I would be jealous when the winner was announced but I have to say I am not in the slightest I feel very happy I got through to the final and think Ricky will go on to make his blog extremely successful.

I suggest you go and pay him a visit or follow him on twitter,  not just because he will save you money but because he writes from the heart, blogs have become my news at the moment and his goes down a treat in the morning with a cuppa




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