#BEDN world television day


first of all I have a confession to make, I don’t actually have a working TV, we have a TV that plays videos for T to watch- mostly old cartoons that belonged to Sam. I’m not ant TV and we will probably get one in the future i just haven’t really missed watching it. however there are programs I watch on-line – because I have to actively look for programs rather than them just being there I find I enjoy what I watch more as its more of a treat, so here is what I am currently watching

Once Upon a Time For me this is the perfect mix of fantasy and decent drama plot line, I like the way they have taken an idea that’s fairly childish like fairy tales and turned it into a fairly adult series, its definitely worth a watch.

I’ve always been into my medical dramas, i remember watching Holby city and casualty in the conservatory  when I was younger ( my sister hated the blood so didn’t want it on in the living room) for the last few years I’ve enjoyed greys anatomy and private practice as private practice finished recently I only have Grey’s left, its one of the things that Sam doesn’t like watching so I tend to watch it during T’s naps.

we recently started watching Grimm which is similar to Once Upon a Time is that its about fairytale characters, however the idea is very different with Grimm being more of a crime/ thriller series, it also seems to stay truer to the Grimm characters that it is based on

we also recently discovered the new marvel series – The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D which we are both enjoying, and its easy to follow in its own right even if your not really into the movies.

I am always on  the look out for new things to watch, so let me know what you enjoy



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