feeling fed up


warning = this is a self pitying post I am well aware that lots of people are far worse off than I am.

I can’t even pin point exactly what it was today that sent me over the edge but I am thoroughly fed up at the moment, I am almost starting to miss work. T is going through a very clingy phase where he is teething, which makes it very hard to put him down and do any housework and at the moment it seems that Sam is completely blind to housework so if I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done. I really wanted to film a flat tour or at least take photos yesterday for the BEDN post but the place is just too messy to do that at the moment. it feels like as fast as a tidy something, something else gets messy.

I haven’t studied properly in weeks, because the desk is already full of rubbish and I don’t seem to have long enough to get into it until T is in bed and them it seems like we have dinner ect and its time for bed, Its something I need to get on top of if I am to have any chance of passing this course.

I am not even sure where to start to get things sorted and a small part of me just wants to sit on the floor and play with T, but I cant because the floor needs tidying, I am also feeling a bit sad and jealous that he keeps saying “dadda”

I think I need to spend some time re-setting some goals.


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