#BEDN All I want for christmas


This year is my first Christmas as a mum, so I want to start creating my own Christmas traditions stuff like watching Christmas films and making salt dough decorations. We also make people edible treats for Christmas and I am looking forward to T being involved in that as he get older.  With pinterest you can now get loads of ideas for Christmas crafts you can see what I would love to try on my Christmas Board, as usual though I am struggling when people ask me what I want for Christmas mainly because there isn’t anything that I really want and I like surprises it seems that no one can be bothered to put effort in to thinking about what I like and getting me something.  I really enjoy the gift giving part of Christmas the finding or making something that someone will like and then wrapping it up nicely and seeing their reaction, I don’t do it for a present in return I do it because I enjoy it.

I am also not going to be spending a fortune on T’s Christmas presents he will be 9 months old and I have already seem mums on facebook talking of spending over £500 in presents for children under 1 that’s not a habit I want to get into, especially not at this age. He has lots of family and friends and will spend Christmas feeling very loved and right now that’s all he needs.

what are your Christmas plans ?



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