Feeling a bit low


For some reason I decided this blog should be a happy positive place, however that often means I go a long time between posts because I am not a naturally happy person and this week has been particularly hard, My life has changed a lot in the last year – I had a baby, My friendships have changed dramatically ( sometimes I don’t speak to another adult all day ) and one of my best friends has had a very tough time health wise.

anxiety and low mood is something I have always had and maybe something I will always have, but recently its become very hard to cope with and I think part of it is that I am not seeing my close friends as much as I used to, its hard to get out with a baby and due to health reasons one of my close friends has had to move closer to family which is not as easy to get to so I cant just pop round for an hour so we can have a good chat then I can leave. I miss that a lot, especially as we can be totally honest with each other which I don’t have with many other people.  I also find it very hard to find the motivation to get up and go out when its freezing cold outside.

After an incident earlier in the week, its become clear that I need to start working on how I feel and trying to improve my mood. I have not taken medication before and its something I am keen to avoid doing ( I know they work very well for some people) so I am going to set my self a few mini goals

  • To write more about how I am feeling or what’s bothering me, I find it helps me get it out of my head and think about it, I am not sure if I will blog any of these ramblings
  • To try to think of one positive each day
  • To try and get out and at least go for a walk everyday

This is something I really want to change, I only have 4 months of maternity leave left before T goes of to childminders/ nursery and I am back at work, I want to enjoy that time not regret wasting it because I was sad.

do you find you feel lower during the darker winter months ?


One thought on “Feeling a bit low

  1. You can phone me any time you like. We may not be popping round all the time but I am always here for a good old chat!!!!
    Your company is missed also 😦 I don’t have the honesty with many people either.
    I will come & see you soon 🙂
    If I can help your mood at all please let me know.
    You are loved loads xxx

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