trying to soften the blow – Damage limitation


This week my maternity pay runs out, I am in debt and I don’t have any savings however I am still choosing to take the extra 3 months off I am entitled to unpaid.

There are things we are doing to reduce the amount of damage this will do to our finances,

  • We are making most of our Christmas presents to enjoy a nice Christmas on a budget
  • I am decreasing our meat intake, in terms out food shopping meat is one of our biggest costs so I want to make sure it goes as far as possible. Having a slow cooker means we can also buy cheaper cuts of meat and make them into lovely tender yummyness, if you haven’t got a slow cooker yet i advise investing they are so good check out a thrifty Mrs guide here. I am also going to try some more of the recipes over on a Girlcalledjack. I still need to work on getting Sam to take lunches to work rather than grabbing something from the co-op or subway. We also went through and sorted out the freezer so I know exactly whats in there.
  • Sam gets his monthly bonus on a prepaid card and we have started using it to buy essentials like food rather than fun things like drinks out, there should be enough on it at the end of the month to cover at least 1 months rent which should help quite a lot. As far as I know I am also due to get paid this years holiday pay at the end of the month as well – this should be around 4 weeks full pay but I am still uncertain if I will get this or if it will be carried over to next year.

I am also cutting down on drinking when I go out for lunch I often have a glass or 2 of wine switching to a soft drink or water not only saves me a fee pounds it makes me feel healthier rather than wanting to go home and nap

Whats the first to go when you need to tighten your belt?


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