Gratitude linky 27.12.2013


Linking up with asinglemotherahoy for today’s gratitude post.
There are several things that I am grateful for this week.
Time it’s been the first Christmas since we’ve been together that Sam has had time off over Christmas. We spent Christmas eve with his mum and family then Christmas day with my family we popped to see his dad on boxing day too  in previous years I have tried to see everyone on the same day and it just doesn’t work at all.
T has been very spoilt with all the gifts he has received, people have been very generous without going over the top and we should still have room to move in the flat. We also had fun making people sweets and flavoured vodka. Which not only saves money it’s good fun and as T gets older he will be able to help too

There have been no major arguments, I was really worried about my mum and Sam setting each other off but it’s gone very well especially considering we have stayed here 2 nights


I will also be greatful to get home to my own space later today and start preparing for the new year.

take a mintute to think about what makes you greatful it will put a smile on your face


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