thinking about the new year


I always find myself feeling a little bit down at this time of year, i have an idea in my head of how I want Christmas too be and the reality never quite lives up to my expectations it also reminds me that there are loads of things I had hoped to change over the previous year that are still the same.

This year I am determined to set some goals and make some changes so I can get the most out of 2014

Time Management

I really struggle to organise my time and its something i really want to get on top of this year, I now know exactly what days and hours I will be at work when I go back at the beginning of march. I am toying with the idea of sending t to nursery for an extra morning or afternoon on one of the days I am not at work so I can do uni work however my mum has said she would like to have him one day a week, but at the moment that isn’t happening so I need to talk to her and get some dates written down.

I need to find some sort of planner / diary that works for me and allows me to get the most out of my time, so that we can enjoy proper quality family time when Sam is home.

meal planning

I often find myself trying to work out what i want for dinner way after i should be eating it and often skip lunch, this is something i would like to stop and I am going to look at having a more structured meal plan and using the slow cooker on days that I am at work. I am also going to make more of an effort to eat lunch and if I am heading out to take food with me. I often don’t buy nice foods for cooking lunch at home because of the cost but then I end up spending several pounds on a sandwich which defeats the point.


I have moaned about this constantly but I hate the state my flat seems to be all of the time i am naturally a very untitdy person and i really dont like it. I feel a lot calmer and more in control when things are nice and tidy. so i would like to work on finding a cleaning schedule that suits me and that I can keep up with. Having a nice clean home will also make me feel comfortable inviting people over for drinks

I’ll let you know how I get on do you have any goals for 2014?


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